Souvenirs, an album of images, precious, fleeting, stilled by the artistís eye. The photographer is David Hamilton, his subjects Nordic beauties in the last, fading instants of innocence.
Like Rodin, Hamilton finds beauty in the pure lines of young girls, and he acknowledges a dept to Balthus and Nabokov, themselves artistic celebrators of the very young.
While the models are girls, the pictures are of more than that. Hamiltonís subject is youth, its beauty, its betrayals, the joy and sorrow of departing purity.
In this collection he bravely renounced some of the prettiness that made his world-wide reputation, and revealed, with restraint, a vision more powerful and
stark ó not simply of youth, but of life. [Denise Couttès]
True youth, that of virginal purity when the body, full of new vitality, becomes an entity slim and proud and seems at once to fear and to invite love,
is a time of life which rarely endures more than a few months. [Rodin]